1: Patrick Vieira compares Kevin De Bruyne to Dennis Bergkamp for his vision and creativity on the ball.

2: Vieira praises De Bruyne's ability to find his teammates with pinpoint accuracy, similarities to Bergkamp.

3: De Bruyne's intelligence on the field reminiscent of Bergkamp's legendary playmaking skills, says Vieira.

4: Both De Bruyne and Bergkamp known for their ability to unlock defenses with their passing.

5: Vieira sees shades of Bergkamp in De Bruyne's composure and decision-making in crucial moments.

6: De Bruyne's versatility and impact on Man City's success echoes Bergkamp's influence at Arsenal.

7: Vieira believes De Bruyne's understanding of the game sets him apart, akin to Bergkamp's elegance.

8: De Bruyne's leadership and influence on the pitch draw comparisons to Bergkamp's captaincy at Arsenal.

9: In conclusion, Patrick Vieira sees Kevin De Bruyne as a modern-day Dennis Bergkamp in terms of skill and impact.