1: Timberwolves Challenge Andrew Wiggins Showcasing his promise on the court.

2: Wiggins steps up for the Timberwolves, Proving his worth in every game.

3: Rising to the challenge, Wiggins shines, Earning his place on the team.

4: Andrew Wiggins delivers on his promise, Leading the Timberwolves to victory.

5: Overcoming obstacles, Wiggins perseveres, Showing the team the promise they need.

6: Wiggins' dedication and skill impress, Setting the standard for his team.

7: With every game, Wiggins proves his potential, Earning the respect of his teammates.

8: The Timberwolves trust in Wiggins' promise, Counting on him to deliver.

9: Andrew Wiggins fulfills the team's hopes, Showing the Timberwolves the promise they seek.