1: DeAndre Hopkins credits Kobe Bryant for inspiring his work ethic and passion for the game of football.

2: The late NBA legend's Mamba Mentality has resonated with Hopkins, pushing him to be the best in his sport.

3: Kobe's dedication to excellence has motivated Hopkins to continuously improve and elevate his performance on the field.

4: Through hard work and determination, Hopkins honors Kobe's legacy by striving for greatness in every game he plays.

5: The lessons learned from Kobe have shaped Hopkins' mindset and approach to achieving success in the NFL.

6: From his incredible work ethic to his unwavering commitment, Kobe's influence on Hopkins is undeniable.

7: By embracing the Mamba Mentality, Hopkins has found a new level of focus and drive to excel in his career.

8: Kobe Bryant's impact on DeAndre Hopkins is evident in every catch, every play, and every touchdown he scores.

9: In honor of the Black Mamba, DeAndre Hopkins continues to push himself to new heights and inspire others to do the same.