1: Meet Patrick Vieira, the Man City legend who believes there's a player with Bergkamp-level class.

2: Vieira admires the skill and elegance of this mystery player, reminiscent of Bergkamp's style.

3: With a career spanning two decades, Vieira has seen it all - but this player stands out.

4: Bergkamp's influence is clear in this player's ability to control the game and create magic.

5: Vieira's praise for this player's intelligence and technique speaks volumes.

6: Could this player be the next Bergkamp? Vieira certainly thinks so.

7: Fans speculate on who this player could be, with many guessing a young talent.

8: The comparison to Bergkamp adds pressure, but this player seems unfazed.

9: As Vieira continues to watch in awe, the mystery player's legend grows.