1: DeAndre Hopkins, star NFL player, finds motivation in Kobe Bryant's work ethic and dedication.

2: Hopkins credits Bryant for pushing him to strive for greatness on and off the field.

3: The late basketball legend's Mamba Mentality serves as a guiding light for Hopkins.

4: Hopkins emulates Bryant's relentless pursuit of excellence in his own career.

5: Bryant's impact on Hopkins goes beyond sports, inspiring a mindset of resilience and ambition.

6: The bond between Hopkins and Bryant transcends their respective sports, uniting them in their pursuit of success.

7: Hopkins honors Bryant's legacy by embodying the same passion and determination in his own journey.

8: Through Bryant's example, Hopkins upholds a standard of excellence in everything he does.

9: DeAndre Hopkins continues to be inspired by Kobe Bryant's legacy, pushing himself to new heights in pursuit of greatness.