1: Taraji P. Henson discusses her role in Ralph Breaks the Internet and shares behind-the-scenes stories.

2: Henson talks about her character, Yesss, and how she relates to the internet-savvy algorithm.

3: Learn how Henson prepared for her role and brought Yesss to life in the animated film.

4: Discover the challenges Henson faced while voicing an animated character for the first time.

5: Henson opens up about working with the talented cast and crew of Ralph Breaks the Internet.

6: Find out what attracted Henson to the project and why she considers it a groundbreaking film.

7: Henson shares her favorite moments from the movie and what she hopes audiences take away.

8: Learn more about Henson's thoughts on the impact of technology and social media in today's society.

9: Wrap up the interview with Henson as she reflects on her experience working on Ralph Breaks the Internet.