1: Taraji P Henson's 8 Best Acting Roles Ranked Discover the top performances of the talented actress throughout her career.

2: 1. Cookie Lyon - Empire Explore Henson's iconic portrayal of the fierce and fabulous matriarch in this hit TV series.

3: 2. Katherine Johnson - Hidden Figures Learn about Henson's inspiring role as the brilliant mathematician in this critically acclaimed film.

4: 3. Melinda Gayle - The Family That Preys Witness Henson's emotional depth in her role as a betrayed wife in this Tyler Perry drama.

5: 4. Shug - Hustle & Flow Experience Henson's breakout role as the sassy and soulful singer in this gritty indie film.

6: 5. Yvette - Baby Boy See Henson shine as the tough but vulnerable single mother in this influential drama.

7: 6. Queenie - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Marvel at Henson's nuanced performance as the caring caregiver in this epic romantic fantasy.

8: 7. Joss Carter - Person of Interest Celebrate Henson's role as the tough and loyal detective in this thrilling TV series.

9: 8. Tiffany - Think Like a Man Laugh along with Henson as the wise-cracking best friend in this hilarious romantic comedy.