1: Patrick Vieira praises Man City legend, comparing him to Bergkamp for his class on and off the pitch.

2: Vieira's shocking comparison highlights the elite level of talent and professionalism exhibited by the Man City legend.

3: Bergkamp's influence on the game is evident in the way Vieira speaks about the Man City player's similar qualities.

4: Vieira's words emphasize the impact of the Man City legend's skill and demeanor being on par with Bergkamp's.

5: The comparison between the two players showcases a level of excellence that is rarely seen in the world of football.

6: Bergkamp's legendary status is reflected in the way Vieira lauds the Man City player's similar greatness.

7: Vieira's statement cements the Man City legend's place among the all-time greats, alongside Bergkamp.

8: The comparison between the two iconic players serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of both men.

9: Vieira's revelation underscores the timeless quality of class and skill embodied by the Man City legend, reminiscent of Bergkamp's.