1: Former Arsenal captain Patrick Vieira compares Man City legend Kevin De Bruyne to Dennis Bergkamp.

2: Vieira praises De Bruyne's vision and creativity, likening him to Bergkamp's playmaking skills.

3: The Frenchman highlights De Bruyne's impact on Man City's success, reminiscent of Bergkamp at Arsenal.

4: Vieira believes De Bruyne's style of play mirrors Bergkamp's influence on Arsenal's attacking play.

5: Both players possess intelligence, technique, and leadership qualities, according to Vieira's comparison.

6: De Bruyne and Bergkamp share a similar approach to controlling the game and creating chances for their team.

7: Vieira admires De Bruyne's versatility across midfield, akin to Bergkamp's versatility in attack.

8: De Bruyne's consistency and impact for Man City draw parallels to Bergkamp's legendary career at Arsenal.

9: Vieira's comparison highlights the enduring influence of Bergkamp's legacy on modern-day football stars like De Bruyne.