1: Patrick Vieira, former Arsenal captain, compares Man City's De Bruyne to Bergkamp in terms of skill and impact.

2: Vieira praises De Bruyne's vision and technique, similar to Bergkamp's brilliance on the pitch.

3: Both players known for their creativity and ability to change games with their presence.

4: Vieira believes De Bruyne has the potential to become a legend like Bergkamp at Man City.

5: Comparisons between the two midfield maestros have sparked debates among football fans.

6: Vieira's endorsement of De Bruyne's talent highlights his respect for the Belgian playmaker.

7: De Bruyne's versatility and leadership remind Vieira of Bergkamp's influence at Arsenal.

8: Vieira's comments showcase the impact that De Bruyne has had on the modern game.

9: As De Bruyne continues to shine at Man City, comparisons to Bergkamp only grow stronger.