1: Alica Schmidt, dubbed the world's sexiest athlete, rose to fame on Instagram through her stunning photos and impressive track record.

2: Following her social media success, Schmidt set her sights on the ultimate sporting stage – the Paris 2024 Olympics.

3: As a talented track and field athlete, Schmidt has the potential to make a lasting impression at the upcoming Games.

4: With her dedication to training and natural beauty, Schmidt has captured the hearts of fans around the world.

5: From Instagram star to Olympic hopeful, Schmidt's journey to Paris 2024 is one of determination and passion.

6: As she prepares to compete on the world stage, all eyes are on Schmidt and her quest for gold in 2024.

7: With her unique blend of athleticism and charm, Schmidt has solidified her status as a leading figure in the world of sports.

8: Stay tuned as this rising star continues her rise to the top, showcasing her talent and beauty on the global stage.

9: Follow Alica Schmidt's inspiring journey from Instagram fame to the Paris 2024 Olympics, where she aims to make her mark as the world's sexiest athlete.