1: DeAndre Hopkins reflects on Kobe Bryant's impact. From work ethic to mental toughness, Bryant's influence drives Hopkins to greatness.

2: Hopkins credits Bryant for shaping his mentality on and off the field. The Lakers legend's Mamba mentality inspires Hopkins to excel.

3: Kobe's approach to excellence resonates with Hopkins. The NFL star channels Bryant's determination to overcome challenges and achieve success.

4: Bryant's tragic passing motivates Hopkins to honor his legacy. The two athletes share a bond rooted in dedication and perseverance.

5: Hopkins embraces Kobe's lessons in leadership and resilience. The football star's tribute to Bryant showcases their enduring connection.

6: DeAndre Hopkins draws strength from Kobe's teachings. Bryant's lessons continue to shape Hopkins' mindset and drive for greatness.

7: Bryant's influence on Hopkins transcends sports. The Cardinals receiver's evolution mirrors Kobe's relentless pursuit of excellence.

8: DeAndre Hopkins pays homage to Kobe Bryant's lasting impact. The NFL star's journey reflects Bryant's enduring legacy and inspiration.

9: Hopkins' career embodies Kobe's spirit. Through dedication and determination, DeAndre honors Bryant's legacy on and off the field.