1: Arsenal legend Vieira praises Man City icon for class on and off the field like Bergkamp.

2: Vieira admires Man City star's skill and demeanor similar to Arsenal great Bergkamp.

3: The elegance and grace of Bergkamp seen in Man City legend, says Vieira.

4: Vieira notes parallels between City icon and Arsenal hero Bergkamp in class and style.

5: Former Gunner Vieira hails City player's finesse and sportsmanship reminiscent of Bergkamp.

6: Vieira sees in City legend qualities that mirror Arsenal icon Bergkamp's.

7: Man City standout draws comparisons to Bergkamp by Arsenal legend Vieira.

8: Vieira lauds City star for embodying Bergkamp-like Class and skill.

9: The influence of Arsenal's Bergkamp evident in the demeanor of Man City's standout, per Vieira.