1: Arsenal Hero Patrick Vieira praises Man City Legend's vision and skill, comparing him to Dennis Bergkamp.

2: Vieira remarks on Legend's composure and leadership, reminiscent of Bergkamp's impact.

3: Legend's technique and creativity echo Bergkamp's legendary playmaking abilities, says Vieira.

4: Vieira hails Legend as a true artist on the field, akin to Bergkamp's elegance.

5: Legend's ability to change games mirrors Bergkamp's influence, according to Vieira.

6: Vieira admires Legend's footballing intelligence, similar to Bergkamp's strategic brilliance.

7: Bergkamp's legacy shines through Legend's play, notes Vieira.

8: Vieira applauds Legend for carrying on Bergkamp's legacy at Man City.

9: Vieira's comparison of Legend to Bergkamp highlights their shared greatness on the pitch.