1: Angelina Jolie and daughter Vivienne grace the red carpet at The Outsiders Broadway premiere.

2: The mother-daughter duo stun in matching black ensembles for the star-studded event.

3: Angelina beams with pride as Vivienne confidently poses for the cameras.

4: This rare public appearance together showcases their strong bond and shared love for the arts.

5: Fans swoon over their elegant and stylish entrance at the highly anticipated premiere.

6: Vivienne's growing up fast, resembling her famous mother more and more each day.

7: Angelina's parenting and support of Vivienne's interests are evident in their joint appearances.

8: The dynamic duo steals the spotlight with their effortless grace and undeniable charm.

9: The world can't get enough of Angelina Jolie and daughter Vivienne's heartwarming red carpet moments.