1: Aaron Rodgers stirs the pot with bold claim about New York Jets. Fans buzzing over quarterback's surprising statement.

2: Rodgers creates a frenzy by mentioning Jets in recent interview. Speculation runs wild as fans dissect his words.

3: New York Jets faithful react to Rodgers' unexpected remarks. Social media abuzz with hot takes and opinions on QB's claim.

4: Rodgers' claim leaves Jets fans pondering what could have been. Controversy surrounds quarterback's comments about NY team.

5: Jets fans shocked by Rodgers' bold statement in recent interview. Team's future uncertain as fans question potential move.

6: Rodgers' claim sparks debate among New York Jets supporters. Speculation grows as fans wonder about quarterback's future.

7: New York Jets fans react to Aaron Rodgers' surprising claim. Media frenzy ensues as analysts weigh in on QB's remarks.

8: Rodgers ignites firestorm with bold claim involving New York Jets. Fans eagerly await quarterback's next move and decision.

9: Aaron Rodgers' statement shakes up New York Jets fanbase. Speculation swirls over potential impact on team's future.