1: Meet the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - a sweet, affectionate pup with big puppy eyes.

2: Discover the Maltese - a tiny, playful breed known for their silky white coats.

3: Learn about the Pomeranian - a fluffy, energetic dog with a forever-young spirit.

4: Introducing the Shiba Inu - a loyal, independent breed that stays small and cute.

5: Explore the Bichon Frise - a cheerful, fluffy companion with a puppy-like charm.

6: Find out about the French Bulldog - a compact, lovable breed with expressive faces.

7: Uncover the Yorkshire Terrier - a small, confident pup with a lively personality.

8: Meet the Corgi - an adorable herding dog known for their playful demeanor and short legs.

9: Discover the Beagle - a friendly, curious breed with a playful nature and puppy-like eyes.